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Agatha All Along, it seems this show is going to be a treat for Wanda Vision fans.

Updated: Jul 11

Agatha the detective

Agatha House of Hark.... no Agatha Darkhold Diaries... no Agatha Coven of Chaos... well psych! It's been Agatha all Along.

And this series, as expected, is going to follow Agatha as she tries to break out of Wanda's Spell and then get back her powers.

Now the beginning moments of this trailer while seemingly irrelevant as they happen seemingly inside of wanda's spell that she cast on Agatha to keep her locked in the character of Agnes.

The reference that those shots are making doesn't go unnoticed as the crime scene that Agatha visits in the beginning is very reminiscent of the Mayor of East Town, which follows a detective trying to figure out a mysterious murder.

And that brings me to what appears to be the format this show is going to follow, just like Wanda Vision followed different Eras of sitcoms through the ages, it appears that this show is going to follow different eras of horror as the show goes along.

a dark castle

Which is an interesting way to follow up from Wanda Vision, to keep up the Legacy of both horror and paying homage to different Eras of television.

Now the official Synopsis of the show states that Agatha is awoken by a goth Teen, now during my reaction of the video I said the Goth teen was Billy Caplan, also known as wiccan or Wanda's son, but it seems not so clear whether he is actually the same character.

And also, unlike the trailer it seems that Rio is not going to be the Rio who awakens Agatha.

Now it isn't clear exactly what part of Agatha's personality is due to the Darkhold and how much is her, but based on the way Lilia tells incredulously that no one in their right mind will join Agatha's coven, it seems she has stolen the powers of a lot of her Covens.

Lilia in the comics has the power of divination, and I don't know what else to type for this, even though I really got excited for the show seeing the trailer, hey, it happens okay.

I just cant wait to watch this show.

I mean Agatha gets possessed like she is in the exorcist!

Agatha Crab walks like the Exorcist


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