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Venom the last dance trailer promises a fun ride while confirming our worst fears.

Venom messes up the Iconic "We are Venom" line.

I am going to just shamelessly copy Senõr Heavy Spoilers here and say that the people who brought us Morbius, are giving us more bs. Because, I mean let's be fair okay, this trailer is really fun and seems like an amazing time, but then, also, simultaneously the entire plot leak about scream and the Jury hunting down Venom and also in that plot leak... A young Peter Parker... Seems really true...

Now lets go step by step okay, apparently there's this plot leak in the rumor mills of the internet(god knows where it originated from.) that this particular movie is going to be about Venom going into the multiversal hive mind to gather the knowledge that Peter Parker is destined to kill them and so they go to this universes Peter Parker to kill him before hand only to realise that he is ten years old...

And then Venom becomes... Drum roll please Peter's Lethal protector!

Venom lethal protector Comic book cover

Yes indeed, that is a comic book title.

Although yes, Originally he still wants to kill Peter even as a ten year old boy but doesn't exactly have the heart for it so he exposes Peter to some spider bites giving him an allergic reaction and has to take him to the hospital pretending to be his father.

Then the bad guys of this movie make it out that he is or rather is going to be Spiderman and then start going after Peter as well and then we get venom being the Lethal protector.

Now if that sounds familiar, then that is because that was also the plot leak for Madame Web.

In the original plot leak for Madame Web, it was originally going to be that Ezekiel Sims finds out that his Nemesis is going to take birth and in a Terminator fashion in an attempt to prevent his birth he would try to kill May Parker before she gave birth and Madame Web and the three pre spider women... Get it because they aren't spider women yet... Were going to fight him to stop him.

But obviously all of the references to spider man got removed thanks to wonderful magic of ADR.

OH MY GO THE VILLAIN DOESNT EVEN MOVE HIS MOUTH IN THIS SCENE, I mean truly Sony has blessed us with the magical Ventriloquism of Ezekiel Sims.

So yes, Sony wrote a script for Ezikiel vs spiderman and then ADRed Spiderman out of it... Just because...

And now that script is with Venom the last dance.

And as we see Sony has once again truly shown us how dedicated they are to preserving the continuity of the univers... sorry multiverse, they claim to be an invaluable part of by casting Baron Karl Mordo as the leader of the Jury....

Doctor strange expresses incredulity at Mordo's middle name being Karl.

Guys idk if you know this, but Orwell, the leader of the Jury is who is because Venom killed his son and so he brought together some of his son's military friends to create a team that will play judge jury and executioner and that is not the story of Baron Karl Mordo.

And also, as per the Rumor mills, this version has his son killed by Carnage, and not by Venom.

So wtf are you doing Sony? Casting the same actor for a completely unrelated role in your universe that you claim is related to the better Marvel universe... Wtf?

Rhys Ifans as a hippie in the Venom the Last dance trailer.

Oh and while we are on that don't think I Forgot, the two armed and two legged hippie man that is present in the trailer and is played by Rhys Ifans who also played the Lizard in the Amazing Spiderman Universe

And I say two armed and two legged because the Lizard only has one arm when he is cured and not two armed and two legged.

At least that is how it is shown in the Amazing Spiderman Universe, which by the movie you Sanctioned-No Way home-is now connected to the MCU and therefore connected to your "Has to do with Spiderman I think" Universe.

Yes I stole that Joke from Morbius

Vultutre says "has to do with spider man I think" in the Morbius post credits scene.

And if you're wondering, why is Vulture from our Universe in this screen grab I'm talking about Morbius which is in the Sony universe and that is a separate universe from the MCU but also related to the MCU then that is because the spell at the end of No Way Home that was supposed to make everyone forget who Peter Parker is and therefore making the spell that pulls everyone with the knowledge that Peter is Spiderman into our universe stop working and hence sending them back... Well that spell also sent Vulture into the "Has to do with Spiderman I think Universe."

I want to die.

Also Morbius is presumably the same universe as the Venom Universe because he made that I am Venom reference which takes place in the amazing Spiderman universe according to theories and what the actual fuck is going on...

See I'm comfortable using the F word cause this is presumably going to be an R rated movie... Which should have been the previous movie with carnage in it but whatever.

Speaking of Multiverse confusion, Venom went to the MCU in th post credits of let there be Carnage and then spent the entire Movie in a bar getting drunk

Venom and Eddie go back to their universe in the Spiderman No way home post Credits scene

And then he disappeared leaving a piece of the Symbiote behind no sorry Sym-bye-oat... Ahhhh you think I forgot that Sony? You dumbasses.

So... So now... That piece is there right, in the MCU? WRONG! It's here! In this trailer.

That piece has somehow found its way into the the Sony Pictures Universe of Spiderman Characters no no no that's not right Ah right Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters or SPUMC because they wanna show just how adjacent to Marvel they are.

In Association with Marvel.

Yeah that....

Oh no wait this is the "has to do with Spiderman I think Universe." Almost forgot the joke there.

The Symbiote piece is just here and it is the same bartender and Orwell is just looking at it and we are supposed to pretend that... What? It's the same bar but in this universe?

What are you doing Sony...

Why are you confusing your own continuity and you know what now we don't know how Tom Hollanda Peter Parker will get the Symbiote.

But actually we do, we will just pretend that this is a different bar that Eddie went to and left the Symbiote behind and it just happens to have a similar looking bartender here and that piece is still in the MCU and that will go to Peter...

Either that or somehow the main villain of this universe has a way to multiverse travel because that will totally not ruin the whole him being the same actor as Baron Karl Mordo thing at all.

They capture the little bit of Venom Symbiote from the Bar where Eddie was getting drunk during Spiderman No way Home.

Sony... Why????

Although yes, they could just pull a Morbius and not even show this trailer shot in the Movie, just like the Spiderman Murderer poster in the Morbius trailer.

And then and then... We have Toxin who is an offshoot of Carnage as shown towards the end of let there be Carnage who latched on to that officer that was after Carnage in the previous movie and then got killed but not really cause the Symbiote has cured him.

And he is here and again according to the plot leak in the Rumour mills this guy wants to kill all symbiotes cause he sees them as monsters and also Peter cause he can tap into the Symbiote hive mind and know who Peter is and so he considers him a monster too... Not know of course the whole back story...

But isn't he a Symbiote host as well?

Toxin's host in Venom the last dance trailer.

Whatever, we also have what seems to be Scream in this movie whose movie who will play Eddie's live interest kinda like how Batman had a love interest in the first two movies but then by th third movie he had Cat Woman.

And Scream's powers are basically the same as Shriek from the previous movie let there be Carnage but as well she has her hair which she can use as a whip and also scream appeared in the new Spiderman 2 video game but that version isn't th actual character it just takes over Mary Jane in the game.

Scream's host in Venom the last dance trailer.

Now if it weren't for the plot leaks we wouldn't have a problem cause otherwise this movie just looks like a culmination of everything that has occured till now with the Klyntar Planet finally coming for Venom and Eddie after the first movie.

And we have the Life Foundation which is from the first movie where all the Symbiotes were stored and we have this huge Symbiote monster.

Symbiote monster in Venom the last dance trailer.

And it seems that that is going to be the main focus of the movie at least from the trailer and not the whole rant I went on, but then again, the plot leaks exist and the trailer seems to be in tandem with them, so what am I to do?

And in the midst of all of this chaos I completely forgot what the best part of the Trailer and that is Mrs Chen dancing with Venom in that Casino in Las Vegas because of course.

Mrs Chen and Venom dance together.

All in all a very Venom trailer, a very Sony trailer and I can't wait to see how Kevin Fiege will put all of this message back together into something coherent.

Oh and also, we have a Venom Controlled horse because of course there is

And the entire trailer is set to Ground control to Major tom which is a song describing a pilots last words as his ship burns up in entry to the atmosphere, which is in theme with the whole Klyntar species coming to earth, and for those who don't know what a Klyntar is, the Symbiotes species is called the Klyntar.

i.e. Venom is a Klyntar.

Venom takes control of a horse.


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