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Assassin's Creed Shadows would give me more excitement if it weren't from Ubisoft.

First Shot of Naoe in full Assassin robes in the Assassins Creed Shadows, CGI Cinematic trailer.

Now, I will not have much to say about this in terms of it being a Game, because, well, clearly this is a CGI trailer, and Ubisoft CGI trailers are always awesome, I mean come on, we can give credit where it is due guys, the trailers are awesome.

If this were the Trailer to some CGI movie, I would be all in, but the issue is, it is not a trailer to some CGI movie, it is a CGI cinematic trailer for a video game, which is cool and all for introducing the concept and the story and the setting, but the issue is, as always, that they start pre-orders with this Trailer.

And to pre-order a game without gameplay, is just shit, and I mean pre-order in general shouldn't be the norm, but whatever.

Now, the first thing that is noticeable to worthless twitter is the fact that, there's an African Samurai.

First shot of Yasuke without his mask in th assassins creed shadows CGI Cinematic trailer

Even though he comes quite late into the trailer, and is not at all the main focus of it, but sure, this is twitter... sorry X, does anyone call it that? Anyways, Yasuke is the Samurai here, and while you can call Ubisoft woke or whatever for a black Samurai, well... he's a real historical figure...

Is history now woke?

And while yes, tokenism is a problem in modern media, one must be careful to not call every single aspect that can be the target of Tokenism a Token simply due to its presence, what that means in this context is, just because the presence of a black character or an African Character where its non conventional isn't straight up evidence for the character being a diversity hire.

But then again, this is Ubisoft, I expect their handling of this concept to be about as well put together as a hammer to the d*ck... but we don't have any evidence for that as of yet... but asking the internet to look for evidence is far worse than a hammer to the d*ck. so I shall refrain.

There is also some debate as to whether he was ever a 'real' samurai or just close to one, and all that, but even if he wasn't seeing the underrepresented in history is what assassins creed is all about, as is shown brilliantly in this conversation between Desmond and Warren vidic

History is written by victors, it is biased, flawed, and exploring the unseen history is what assassins creed is all about, now one might say that to explore this aspect of history is a choice and that is woke, but again, they have explored many other aspects, you could argue regardless but at this point you are either splitting hairs or have an agenda of your own.

Now, the fact that this is set in Feudal Japan isn't lost on me, this has been one of the most requested settings from the start, kind of like syndicate's Victorian London... You know come to think of it the dual protagonist one male one female is also like syndicate as well as the female one being the more stealth oriented while the male one being more combat oriented... And this is by ubisoft Quebec... Who are responsible for syndicate and... Oh no...


Of course I put in Fizhy's meme here... For those of you who don't follow him, do it, he has 69 videos called actual comments where he talks about... Actual comments... Just do it, you'll love him.

Now this already is giving me a lot of alarm bells about this game... Not to mention the bloody pricing is off the charts mate my god...

Pricing on th different editions of assassins creed shadows

And also... Five skill points.... Are you... Are you kidding me? So they have XP boosters... In a single player game... Wow.

I mean yes skill points aren't the same as xp boosters but you know ubisoft... You know what they will do...

On the plus side... You at least have(finally!) a stealth focused protagonist who is an assassin, and not a proto assassin like the hidden one or a non assassin looking into the order like Eivor... But an assassin... Thank you...

But even that choice feels like it's just a fortunate side effect because they wanted to make a Shinobi game.

But regardless Naoe seems like a proper assassin and uses Connor's modification to the hidden blade, or rather, not Connor's modification, because he probably didn't create it, but the same modification as him where the blade turns to the side to act as a knife.

Naoe uses her hidden blade as a knife

Now there is an article on IGN that gives some more information on what the Gameplay is going to be like at least in terms of stealth for Naoe.

If one visite the website for the game there is a section where they seamlessly transition from a summer shot of a location to a winter shot of the location, and according to the article, this seems to be the main thing in the game.

There will be a robust weather system in the game where in the summer you can hide under lakes and such but in the winter that lake will be frozen and there will be unstable icicles which can fall and alert guards.

The guards are also more likely to be close to the fires in winters, which makes me think we can do a group sleep or a group poison like we could in assassins creed syndicate by shooting the fires with a sleep or poison dart...

Night and day also play a role, as it has since origins, where at night, the guards are more likely to be asleep, and at dat they are more awake, so stealth is easier at night, but also, it seems lighting will play a role, as you can increase or decrease visibility in the game to play to your advantage or disadvantage.

Also from a shot in the trailer it seems that yasuke will have access to more of the heavy weapons like the blunts like the mace he uses in this shot...

Yasuke with a mace

And Naoe of course has a sword like a Shinobi and uses shuriken to take out guards in the dark of the night.

Naoe throwing shuriken

And also it seems there will be a grappling hook... Like syndicate.... Man... it seems this trailer is saying this gam is going to be more like syndicate 2.0 than we think...

Please don't ubisoft I can't bear it anymore... No more syndicate...


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