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Bad Batch Season 3 episode 12 Desparate measures.

The Bad Batch discuss how to go after Omega

So this one is the final episode before the finale of this season. Provided that this season also follows a similar pattern on its episode number as the last two(no reason it shouldn't)

And as per the world renowned rule book of action cartoons the last episode before the finale must be filler.... Wait what?

Okay so I'm maybe being a little harsh here calling it filler... I mean they did need an entire separate episode to figure out how to go to Tantiss I mean a tracker only gets you so far... Wait wtf... Did they forget about the tracker... Oh no wait they removed it... Which begs the question... What was the fucking point?

Oh yes because omega wouldn't go otherwise cause the batch wouldn't allow her to go so they will be very thorough about it... No... Okay then were in a corner perfection.

Like fine it makes somewhat sense, it's just we have rising action and then we have fun side quest adventure to rescue an old clone wars admiral called admiral Rampart from imperial prison.

Admiral Rampart says no one knows the coordinates to Tantiss

Meanwhile omega is tested and made sure to be having a favourable m count transfer, so that was... Nothing new...

Admiral Rampart, yes... They go there with the help of theit pirate friend phee and capture him and ask him for coordinates anf he said it doesn't work exist and that he will find a way around that... Sure...

So now next episode we return to Tantiss right... Cool..

Can you tell I am struggling to find things to write in this article?


Well I am.

Omega says you don't have to do this.

But to be fair there were some good moments, like that on bridge fight, but then again that is found in other media as well, so Idk.

The finale has a lot to live up to, given that this is the Final season of the bad batch.

Dr. Hemlock says this is your new home now.

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