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Bad Batch Season 3 Episode 8 is the first one I would consider as Filler.

Fenec Shand

So Bad batch released two episodes last week forcing me to do twice the work for half the content because really there wasn't much to say in the last two episodes surprisingly this episode has a lot more to offer to me for writing this article, even though it's technically filler.

And this is because this episode has the enigmatic Fenec Shand, and I am telling you, were it not for the fact that I like Fenec, I'd say f off to this episode.

The whole thing did kinda feel like, oh we haven't had Fenec Shand yet... this is the final season guys... we need Fenec...

And now we shall invent a reason for her existence and then shoe horn it in.

Omega and Crosshair meditate

In the mean time Omega and Crosshair go off and meditate for a bit to fix Crosshair's PTSD.

Yes, that is all that happens, the batch go on a Job and Omega and crosshair meditate.

Oh and also Fenec betrays them in the end, like no one saw that coming.

The only thing we know out of this is Fenec is also on the M-count hunt, because of course she is, that's her Job, to be the deadliest bounty hunter ever.

Oh wait... did I say I have more to say about this episode? No wait, I don't.


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