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The Bad Batch Season 3 Episode 10 and 11, setting up the pieces for the finale

A clone trooper stuns a child as per "protocol"

So this two parter release serves two purposes(lol.) Establishing the point of no return(again lol that's the name of one of the episodes.) And setting up the pieces for what is sure to be an amazing finale for this season of the bad batch.

How does it do that? Well one thing was certain from the start that Dr. Karr is going to rebel against the empire in one way or another regardless of how loyal she initially seems to it.

Which one that note, why is she loyal? She is a clone, and helping the empire torture other clones? Okay then.

We finally learn what the so called specimens are that the empire is testing on, they are children, children with high M-count. And they are literally treated like cattle or lab test rats as an escape attempt is directly met with stunning blaster fire and isolation for two weeks as per "protocol".

The empire is experimenting on children

Dr.Karr finally decides to hear her true emotions and makes a conscious choice to potentially free the "specimens" all while Dr.Hemlock is facing governor Tarkin's age old commanding dominating presence just as director Krennic did because right after Vader made a dad joke on him, Tarkin used his own creation(the death star.) To destroy a base which Krennic is on.

Tarkin this time around threatens hemlock that if he doesn't show results he is going to face consequences, my my it seems everything is indeed going downhill for my dear hemlock.

Tarkin threatens Dr.Hemlock

On the other hand for Omega and the rest of the bad batch, being friends with a pirate finally comes to bite them in the ass, but not as one would think, she doesn't cover her tracks well enough and accidentally exposes Pabu to the hyperspecialized imperial operative that came back in episode six-seven.

And so from here on out the rest of this episode is just the empire trying to take Pabu by force in an effort to flush out Omega, and so she herself decides to go in order to finally track Tantiss.

Omega  surrenders

Oh also the clones from the second episode that have been gone this entire rest of the season, yeah they make an appearance again...

Nothing much to say other than the pieces are finally getting in place and it will only get darker from here on out...

Let's see where it goes...

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