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The Bad Batch Season 3 Episode 9, so Asajj Ventress is a Jedi temple guard now.

Updated: Mar 31

Asajj Calms down a Vrathean

This episode of the Bad Batch sees the return(from the dead.) Of Assaj Ventress. Who sent her? Fennec of course. So the implied betrayal wasn't really a betrayal but also it was.

Let me explain, so in Star Wars adjacent media(novel or something I forgot.) Assaj and the Jedi Quinlin Vaas fell in love and decided to elope(in a sense) from the war starting their own life away from it all.

Count Dooku however has to butt his extremely old nose in and decided oi nah mate... Imma electrocute Vaas. And Ventress of course has a problem with that... so she jumps in the way and dies.

But then how is she back?

Asajj says she still has a few lives left.

That's it guys. That's the explanation. Let's pack up.

Jokes aside, this is probably nightsister Magic.

So what role does this episode play exactly? It plays a similar role to an episode of Rebels, where the crew come across a separatist droid factory and there was an epic clones vs droids fight, before both parties realized that neither is winning, and neither won the war.

They were both pawns, and so was Asajj a pawn along with the Bad Batch, yes they were enemies once, but times have changed.

For example, Asajj carries a yellow lightsaber now, just like a Jedi temple guard.

Asajj force chokes Wrecker while having Hunter Pinned

Omega once again plays the beacon of positivity and decides to give Asajj a chance, and so obviously, she is take away from all distractions to summon sea creatures with the force to see if she is in tune with the force.

So... is Omega force sensitive? Asajj says no... but it seems she is lying because the truth will require Omega to be taken away from the Bad Batch, and she knows they wont let her do that, so she is avoiding conflict I guess.

But I don't understabd something, this was all about M-count transfer, and not M-count itself... so...

I mean the show heavily implies that Omega is indeed high M-Count, especially when Asajj says that she needs to be trained.

So I'm a little confused.

But the let's see where this goes...


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