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I don't know how I feel about She-Hulk Episode one

Alright so, the first episode of She-Hulk was very straight forward, Jennifer Walters is fighting a case, she is already She-Hulk, then she breaks the fourth wall to give a flash back to why she is She-Hulk and then it flashes forward to her doing lawyer stuff, she is forced to go hulk due to a threat(Titania) and then she continues lawyering, and that's all.

The show was funny, and at least until a certain moment which we shall get to, Jennifer Walters is very likeable, quirky and her problems are uber relatable.

Now what is that one moment that I am talking about? It's when Bruce is trying to teach her DBT(Dialectic Behavioral Therapy) to get control of her Rage, and she says she has control of it because she is a woman, and she is constantly bothered by men with catcalling and etc.

Okay lot to unpack here, even the slightest rage can tick off a transformation, at least that's in Banner's case, basically one needs an amount of control that is inhuman, so... I mean I don't mean to belittle her issues or anything but... if we go back to the first incredible hulk movie, which is still canon so far, we see that even running for too long can trigger a transformation, I mean to keep that much amount of control I am pretty sure any person needs practice, and again the problems Jenifer Walters lists are serious problems and every woman face them on a daily basis and they do develop a thick skin and a tremendous control over their Rage because of that as unfortunate as this reality is... its a reality, but I am pretty sure any persons blood pressure rises when they run... like huh?

And Bruce says as such that even the slightest mis transformation can cause destruction on a city wide scale, like.... yes she still doesn't have an alter ego... doesn't mean we can risk it... but you know what... keep all of that aside one of the things that Jenifer Walters mentions is men bothering her on a daily basis right, okay that's a serious issue, and if she can control her rage in those situations, sure, she is in a much better position than Bruce was when he first became Hulk, but... in the beginning... there was a scene where she is bothered by some asshole men... and she hulks out.... okay...

Look the arguments aren't the main issue, the main issue, is that the show shows evidence to the contrary in the beginning... and then when this scene comes over, at first it seems like she is about to be proven wrong when she Hulks out... but then she says she is doing it... and turns back.... okay... I mean pick a line...

Okay to give credit, this is much later and she is now much more aware of her Hulk side, plus, they do say about something in her genetics... so... let's hope this is elaborated on.

But apart from that... Jennifer Walters is an Amazing, Relatable and Uber Funny character, like in all seriousness, I felt her fear when she realized she was now a Hulk and she had to deal with all that entails, I understood her want to return to her Job as a Lawyer(if only they hadn't thrown in that forced bit about her being a Woman) and her Rivalry with her cousin is totally real and Believable...

Also I really enjoyed her theorizing about Captain America's virginity, and his ass... man that post credits scene was awesome... we knew it, Captain America, Fu...!

Also, Guys, WE DID IT! That was a Sakkaran Ship in the beginning that caused the crash that lead to Jennifer Walters becoming She Hulk and this means the Hulk has to deal with something Personal with Sakkar, you hear that sound? It's the sound of... WORLD WAR HULK! WORLD WAR HULK! WORLD WAR HULK! YEAH!

Alright Fanboying aside, this show is genuinely Funny, good to know Marvel hasn't lost it's flair, and yeah... that's all I have to say...

Oh also, that scene in the bathroom Earlier where Jennifer is fixing herself and all the women are immediately nice to her because they assume that her current state was because of a messed up partner... Gold. See marvel if you want to do women empowerment things.... do more of this please, you know the difference between the DBT scene and this scene is: one, it serves the tone of the show, i.e. it is funny, and two, it feels real, like I could totally see group of nice women helping another women who they perceive to be in a bad state out.

Okay, let me fix that DBT scene for you, instead of "I can control my rage, you know why? Cause I have been doing it longer than you, as a woman.... lalala..." make it "....cause I have been doing it longer than you, everytime, this this this happens." the second one feels more natural, like I would see someone actually expressing their problems... similarly the scene where hulk explains how the transformations are triggered, instead of the line being, "that's the baseline of a woman just existing" make it, "that's the baseline of me just existing." because if that isn't change the subtext remains in peoples heads.

You might ask me, what is the problem with her relating her issues to her being a woman? The problem, is, studies have time and time again shown that people relate to an individuals problems more than the problems shared by a group... because individuals are simply more relatable, so if you present these issues that are faced by a group as issues of an individual, she then becomes a representative of that group for that scene, and I am pretty sure audiences are smart enough to pick up on... oh.... she get's catcalled cause she is a woman.... you don't need to treat audiences like babies. And you know what, She-Hulk/Jennifer is a super relatable and likeable character, so, this will work out...

Anyways that's just what I think and my perspective on the show, sure others will have more... I don't think the show is ruined for me, fundamentally, I like the show... so I'll tune in for episode two... let's see.


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