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Loki Episode 4: Ironically the End of it all proves that it is far from the end for Marvel

Loki and Mobius witnessing the end of the Multiverse
For what it's worth, it is a beautiful shot. At least the last thing they remember is something beautiful.

"I don't know..." three words, and a powerful line to end the episode on right before it all goes to hell.

The worst that could have happened has happened, the one hope to save everything who is also the reason it is all going to shit, died trying in vain to save everyone, the one place that shows any hope for everyone and everything by standing in the way of one the worst Temporal dictators is on the brink of destruction, and the only people who had any knowledge and therefore any chance of stopping this catastrophe are probably going to die horribly and now there are still two episodes left.

The worst has happened and yet it is not over.

Can I just say how awesome that ending sequence was I mean just look at the music, the visuals, the sound design, and then the close up on everyone's faces, knowing that this is it, this is the end, and then... nothing... cut to black.

The time loom explodes and everyone reacts to it.

Now I really would believe that this was it if not for the fact that there are two episodes remaining, even then, I would say there is a chance that this could be it for Mobius, Loki, B-15, Sylvie and Ouroboros, because we have a pruned hunter and a pruned Ravonna Renslayer who are now at the end of time and can reach the citadel past Alioth... although how is a good question, also I believe at least one of them has a tem-pad so maybe they can use that? But with the T.V.A. gone...

But no this isn't the end because of Time-slipping.

Why do I say that? well because right at the end... the screen flickers, exactly how I imagine reality would flicker from the perspective of someone who is time-slipping.

All that and also the promos have certain clips that haven't happened yet, like... more time slipping Loki.

Loki time slipping in front of a whacky flailing inflatable tube man

Oh Joy! I can't wait for more of that.

Mobius tells Loki how painful it is to look at time slipping.
You and me both Mobius, you and me both

There is also that one scene where Loki is walking towards the Time Loom without any temporal protection suit, just on his own.

Loki walking towards the time loom with no suit
I guess this is your moment to shine Loki.

and then there is the scene where he specifically says: you are not going to believe what I am going to say, Again.

Loki has been time slipping...  again.

He specifically says: Again.

So I say this is going to happen again and again until they get it right, my guess is a future Loki comes in and warns them and then they realize how to intentionally use time slipping to gain infinite redos on the end of the world.

The important thing is, is all of this still playing into the hands of He Who Remains? Or is the time-slipping really throwing a wrench in the works?

Because from where I stand this episode seems to set everything to where it should be for the cycle to repeat, miss minutes is gone, so a new one can take her place, the T.V.A. is almost destroyed, the timeline is branching again so another Multiversal War will take place and He Who Remains will end up right back there anyways.

Miss minutes uses her last minutes to insult Kang.
Holy shit with the horror miss minutes you funny clock

It's like Loki said, you can't just give people freedom and disappear; the removal of a dictator creates a power Vacuum and it is going to be filled, so the best way to move forwards is to fill it with the right Kind of people, and yes, no matter how you look at it, at that point, you are playing God.

So if the TVA is gone, then for sure the multiverse will default to its cycle.

But if time slipping is possible, then probably they can prevent it from happening Unless... He who remains planned for this shit too... only time will tell I guess(see what I did there?).

And I think miss minutes' last words are also poignant here, it seems in her last moments, she knew something, did she know that Victor would be spaghettified?(gosh what a horrible scene, I wish never to see that again)(my wish wont be fulfilled will it *sigh*)

Victor Timely gets spaghettified.
Eeeeekkkk.... why did I put this here, this is going to forever haunt my nightmares!

So many questions, so few answers, I didn't even get to discuss about the themes in this episode, and now I am too tired to write, whatever shall I do.

Also General Dox dies, in the most horrifying way possible, yes more than the spaghettification, at least Marvel showed that, for Dox, it straight up cut away.

General Dox chooses death over siding with Ravonna Renslayer

And while we are on the topic of horrific deaths, I don't think Victor Timely had one, at least not in the way that one would expect, I think there was only one Victor Timely, and after this moment(his spaghettification), his "self" got scattered across the branched timelines, and that is why all Kangs have a single minded focus, we have seen, Variants usually differen in motivation and personality.

But with Kang, the threat is that all of them share one singular goal, they are all the same.

I think, Loki going onwards to the Time Loom without protection will have the same effect, his "self" will get scattered across time lines and create a sort of "Anti-Kang" and I think Kang Realized this threat, and that is why he doomed Loki to always be neutered by his own emotions and had him killed the moment he even started to get up to his true potential, It's why Loki's falling in love is big enough to cause an almost ninety degree slope on the sacred timeline, Kang fears Loki's and I think this time, they are going to get him.

But with Jonathan Majors's Arrest the real world seems to be getting in the way again, but we shall see... I mean I cannot be the only one who thought that gruesome death was on purpose right? As a possible way to write him out? who knows.

And while we are mentioning side things, the last time I made a comparison between Loki as a show and Doctor Who as a show, and forgot to mention the Giant Monster Clock, admittedly the most Doctor who aspect of the entire Episode.

Miss minutes becomes a Giant Ghost Clock to cause a distraction.
I cannot get over the fact that this clock has the same voice actress as literally all of my favorite childhood characters, including Ben 10, does anyone else hear Ben 10 when Miss Minutes laughs?

But I mean what can I say about it, other than the obvious, that its a Giant Ghost Clock.(some of you thought of it without the l didn't you, or is it just my brain that's in the gutter? Probably just me isn't it.)

Anyways, point is, the ghost Clock, the Time Loom explosion, the whole time loop of Kang, the spaghettification, it all makes me think, isn't it time we get some true Cosmic Horror in the MCU? I mean Multiverse of Madness came close, but that's kind of it, it just came close, I mean imagine how much better that film would be if it was a True horror movie, I mean we've seen Werewolf by Night, we know Marvel can do horror, so come on! Bring it on Marvel! Bob Pay-cheque-sorry- Chapek is gone! He won't bother you no more. Let's see what you can do.


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