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Loki Season 2 Episode 1 Once again steals my heart and my words.

Mobius going towards the time loom
When Loki tried to compete with Interstellar for visuals

It Just so happened that Loki Season 2 Episode 1 caught me in the exact perfect mood for watching it. See I have been very busy lately, and as a result I have been letting time slip away, not taking in the little details, and while that is sad in its own right, it also makes one forget the past, both the good and the bad.

In a sense that is what this episode presents the TVA as, I mean sure there is actual literal memory erasure presented in the episode but like seriously, did no one even by mistake prune a TVA wall and realize that there is a megalomaniacal dictator's face hidden behind it? Or did none of the judges realize that they have been handing out the same verdict every single time: "Guilty, the time keepers deemed it so." Well the answer is no, no one realized, because they were all caught up in their work, in their day to day, so much so that even the most alarming red flags started to go unnoticed, turns out He who remains didn't need any magical Powers to subdue them, they were subdued by something far greater, their own Nature.

Loki reveals the past of the TVA behind the time keeper murals
So I guess Kang took a page out of the Odin book of hiding things

Many would question the sudden change in Nature of someone like say Casey, who used to be this quirky desk clerk, and now suddenly has become more solemn and quiet, but the thing is it makes sense, he isn't a quirky stereotype anymore because the bureaucracy and the mundane that was holding him in place have now disappeared, so he is... human now.

Same thing happened with Loki in the first season but much worse because he always was the rebellious son always going against authority and causing chaos, he just learned that the authority he was fighting against wasn't even what was holding him in the first place, that he was held in place by something far greater, and no matter what everyone was held by that.

Mobius summarizes the issue of telling everyone the truth about the TVA
I thought they revealed this already before giving the orders to stop pruning, but I guess I'm happy cause we got the judges scene

Mobius is right, that is a big revelation, "hey, everything you have been doing is wrong and all your gods are dead." that kind of revelation will rattle your world.

And so, what then? Well let's talk about the most tense and funny scene in this episode in my opinion, the judges in the war room scene.

There are three judges, one old dude who is falling asleep, one older lady who is taking this rationally and the kill joy judge Dox who is vehemently opposing everything.

From a superficial standpoint, and even from a narrative and episode structure stand point this is a getting people back up to speed while doing some comedy scene, but there is more to this scene.

See the three Judges are representing the three reactions to this type of world shattering event, apprehensive acceptance by the top judge, not giving a care in the world because the monotony of every day has just drained them and they couldn't care less, and then there is judge Dox who is just straight up rejecting it and defaulting to authoritarianism. Because change is just that hard, and also because power I guess.

The three judges and Hunter B-15 have an arguement.
Just me or does General Dox look like a Nazi?

One thing I want to state here is that people last time around really didn't seem to like the fact that Loki after avengers was suddenly being all truthful and caring for people, and I was like, do people not get Loki? He isn't a murderous psycho he never was, he just a son who wanted his father's love and could never get it no matter how hard he tried, all of the megalomania and world domination was coming from a place of hurt, it was an act he put on, because the world considers him evil right? He is a frost giant for crying out loud! So let's be evil, besides, at that time, no one else would take him in, that world destruction thing was a one time thing, people forget that he stayed on Asgard for the longest time, peacefully, everyone there was hurt and surprised by his outburst, I mean go watch Thor the Dark world again, wait, I see why people don't get it, never mind.

And besides people are missing the point, he is causing mischief and chaos, in a world built on lies and deceit, the truth is the worst kind of mischief and/or chaos.

And while we are going on tangents, let's talk about that tape that had a recording of Kang on it, clearly swooning over Ravona Renslayer. I think this means a lot, we are for sure going to get a lot more backstory for Kang this time around, maybe even see him as Nathaniel Richards.

But one thing is clear, after the post credits scene where Sylvie says that she wants to try everything literally left me with no words, it exactly shows what the TVA takes away from people and what they must fight and why she chose what she did.

Sylvie says she wants to try everything
Sure Sylvie, but do you have money?

Wonder if Mobius will finally get the same respite and get to try a jetski.


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