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Two entities that feed on despair, Motendo and Lifedeath Part one X-Men'97 Episode 4.

Beast says that jubilee deserves some Jubilation.

So, what is new on this side of epic nineties awesomeness? Well what's new is Jubilee is now eighteen which means from game of thrones logic she must have se... I mean kiss passionately on screen.

But growing up isn't all that fun as Magneto puts straight to her, no arcades for this eighteenth birthday says he, only unnecessarily high number of training sessions in the danger room because Mr. Sinister may resurface because of course he may.

So what does she do? Rant about it to Sun Spot of course, and then play a randomly appearing game console which.... If you suddenly see something in your home that you never did before, please don't use it, especially if it's named Motendo(doesn't matter if rogues said there are surprises use your head.)

But I think Jubilee's stupidity is par of the course as this part of the episode is about Jubilee "coming of age" and so she is a child still.

Who created Motendo? MOJO JOJO!!! No wait wrong franchise, it's just Mojo. The unnecessarily creepy transdimensional entity that is recently on a diet and now needs to trap Jubilee and sunspot in a video game because ratings.... I think when Mojo was made, someone in the writers room was extremely salty about the higher ups talking about trp and what not.

Mojo being a fat dickhead who cares only about TRP.

Mojo actually literally seems like the most juvenile jab at the stereotypical higher up in a company, "oh, you think my writing isn't worth your ratings? Well you're fat and ugly and green." Ngl it's funny af.

So what happens in the episode, well it begins by revisiting some of Jubilee's greatest hits(I'm guessing, I didn't see the original show.) And then eventually they see the coded Jubilee and realize they are in a video game and are being controlled by mojo.

The entire first 2/3 of this episode is mostly Jubilee and sunspot going through levels of the game, and Jubilee actually enjoying the stardom this gives her and the supposed immortality until she almost looses sunspot and then she gets saved by coded Jubilee and fights mojo and fucks of into the real world.

Also she kisses sunspot, it's nothing er haven't seen before but it's done with so much care and clearly there's so much effort put into it you can't help but love it, its simplicity is its beauty.

Jubilee Kisses Sunspot.

But then the episode switches gears, just like I said last time forge and storm fall for each other and are living together some distance away... Goddamn they move fast... Or there's a time skip who knows.

And forge keeps trying to give storm get powers again, why does it matter to him so much? He made the ray that depowered her that's why.

Forge's mutation is that he's a genius... So if he gets hit by it will be... Be dumb? I have this question about a lot of mutations like where do mutations stop and it's just them? Also... Mutations are at a genetic level, so as long as they live there should be no way to permanently depower them like this... Idk... I'm thinking too much on this. It's fun.

And it's much needed nostalgia in my everyday slog that I call a life.

Storm and Forge overlooking a cliff

Also the episode ends with another entity grabbing storm to feed on her despair, MEPHISTO CONFIRMED!?!?! Well let's see idk. I think it's the adversary.

You know what's funny though? Bad batch, another show I'm covering on this blog, released two episodes that should be one separstely, just because, and this one is two episodes that should be separated in one, and especially seeing that one of them is a part1 to a two parter.

Did Disney do a trade off?

And the other is a 90s video game throwback to both the games and the original show.

It's and interesting choice to be sure but I like it.

Storm is faced by the adversary

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