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X-Men 97' Episodes 1&2 all of the nineties Awesomeness with all of the modern flare.

The Master Mold

X-Men97' has a very interesting premise, professor X is dead, the team has moved on, and Cyclops is running the X-Men and Jean Grey is Pregnant with Nathan Summers, for those of you who don't know... That's Cable...

But we will get to that when we get to it.

I will make it clear, I have not watched the original nineties Cartoon, and I did not for one minute feel lost or left out, I mean granted, I do have some general Idea of certain terms such as Sentinel, names such as Bolivar Trask and I do know some of the Mutants like Scott Summers and Wolverine(but come on who doesn't know Wolverine.)

I was a little confused at first as the show tried to pull a fast one on us by putting a fully walking Charles X Xavier in the beginning minutes of the first episode but who turns out to be just Morph being a Dickhead.

Morph as Charles Xavier

The main conflict of the first episode "to me my X-Men" is the radical group "friends of humanity" getting their hands on some sophisticated Sentinel weaponry, and using Sophisticated anti-mutant Collars to traffic Mutants to who knows what.

One such Mutant caught by the friends of humanity is Roberto Da Costa, whose Mutant power is turning his hand into some black energy.

In order to get to the bottom of how a lowly extremist group got hold of Sophisticated tech, they probe the mind of Gyrich who funded Trask's Sentinel program and killed Charles Xavier, in order to get Trask's location.

Jean Grey probes his mind and get's a lot more than she bargained for as she get's her mind invaded by another force, the show implies that this is the Master Mold, but that is taken out this episode, so probably not, they will probably reveal that it was something else, or not. It works either ways.

X Men heading to the Sahara Desert to find Bolivar Trask.

They locate Trask, defeat him and Scott and Jean plan to leave for the sake of their yet unborn baby.

So who will take over the X-Men? Well who better than their greatest enemy, Magneto.

Who has been left everything in Charles's possession via his will.... uhhh... how did that work? If he's a known terrorist?

Magneto get's left everything in Charles's will

And before we move on with that I must emphasize that throughout the first episode and the beginning half of the second episode, Storm pretty much behaves as a straight up God.

Magneto even calls her the closest thing to a Goddess when denying her request to justify himself.

She is pretty much a powerhouse and often a get out of Jail free card for the X-Men as they are cornered again and again.

This is important, because by the end of the second episode, she jumps in front of a Blast meant for Magneto and looses her powers.

Storm crying after loosing her powers

Magneto plays this whole thing with a surprising amount of maturity, which goes to show, that Xavier and Erik really did respect the hell out of each other.

If not for Xavier's will Magneto himself says that he would smite everyone for what has been done to storm, it was Xavier that kept him from goin full on ballistic during the attack during his trial.

A trial that he once again willingly agreed to due to Xavier's will, "for an old friend challenged me to remember this view of Earth. How vast it is, versus how small we make it."

Magneto showing the Judges the view of Earthy that Charles wants him to remember

Magneto basically just powerscales the hell out of everyone and his anger is justified his wrath is justified and shows everyone how easily he can destroy everyone and yet chooses not to.

During all of this, Jean Grey gives birth to Nathan Summers.

Over all it was a good week for mutants, but Ororo(storm) leaves as she doesn't feel a part of the team anymore, we see Gambit angry as Rogue goes to Magneto for comfort, because he can touch her without loosing his powers for some reason.

And just as the X-Men are reeling from Storms loss and the upcoming departure of Jean and Scott, another Jean Grey comes in asking for the X-Men.

A second Jean Grey shows up.

So what do I think of it so far?

It's awesome! It's the perfect blend of nostalgia and new things and twists and turns that keeps me engaged and excited for the future, some might have a problem with the departure of Storm as are all changes, this is sure to be controversial, and Storm is kinda on the poster, so maybe she comes back? don't know how I'd feel about that.

But whatever, I'm excited to see where this goes, I'm here fore the ride.


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