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X-Men 97' Episode 3, exploring the meaning of identity and the best course of action in the face of Chaos, through the Madelyn Pryor Storyline.

Madelyn Pryor becomes the Goblin Queen

Of course I used the Goth Girl version of Madelyn Pryor as the cover image of this Article.

So as many breakdown channels had predicted on YouTube during the airing of the previous two episodes of X-Men 97' and I had missed, Jean Grey two is the real Jean Grey and the one that already exists is Madelyn Pryor.

Now I knew Madelyn Prior Existed, I just forgot.

Yeah sure everybody will believe that.

But on a serious note, what is the purpose of this episode? Well for one thing it very overtly poses the question of, which one of us is the real Jean Grey is represented very literally through the simple existence of the Jean Grey Clone.

And the fact that they both share memories so they really don't know which experiences belong to whom, who married Scott, who had the kid, at which point did they get switched, nothing, they just know that they aren't the same.

Madelyn Pryor asks Jean Grey to tell which memories are hers and which aren't

But the idea of identity is explored much more intricately through the visions that Madelyn Pryor gives to the other X-Men.

It's their own personal hell, handcrafted with love for each of them by Madelyn Pryor.

For sunspot, it is his mother, who rejects him, for cyclops it's the fear of failure for Gambit, it's seeing the woman he loves with the man that he hates with all his passion, which, on that note, what the hell is it that's going on in between magneto and rogue?

Like from the amount of time they are spending alone together in the danger room and from the emotional hand touch at the end of episode two you'd think that they are showing a romantic angle between the two, so... Are they? Or is it a red herring? Cause Rogue still goes to Gambit after the attack, are Gambit and rogue together at this point? Or is it unrequited love....

Gambit and Rogue after Madelyn's Hell attack

Can you tell I have not watched the original cartoon?

And so they decide to go save little nate summers, also called cable.

Sinister tried to make him invulnerable and shit, Madelyn still under the control of Sinister turns them all against each other and then she fights it and they save the day... But are forced to send nate to the future with bishop, because sinisters invulnerablity thing is interrupted and so nate is sick now.

Funny thing is I happen to know that the "guy" that bishop is taking nate to to help heal him, is the same guy that meets storm at the end of the episode and yes, he will help storm get her powers back cause in the comics he made the weapon that took them away, he also falls in love with her.

On a whole though, this episode is fucking amazing in terms of animation 90's cheesiness action everything I can't even begin to describe how well made this is, why weren't you doing this Marvel? Wtf happened to you?

Anyways, it's here now, and it's here to stay, hopefully, save the MCU X-Men 97' please.


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