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Well She Hulk: Attorney at Law Definitely is a comedy now.

You Know any concerns I had regarding this show are out of the window, and now have been replaced by oh fuck yeah! That's awesome.

Also I just felt that this screen grab of Emil Blonski's open mouth is funny, it's the cover photo now, felt it was on brand.

Right, so this show, begins addressing right where it left off, with Jennifer angry at Emil for obvious reasons, and Emil clarifies that he was brought out of his cell against his will, by Wong of course, so like... this is a part of his training to become sorcerer supreme... alright.

And so he agrees to testify that he committed a crime and brought Emil to the ring, and that he returned of his own free will. when the parole committee confronts him about it, he just peaces, perfection. Wong you are a treasure.

This Episode also does a lot of commentary on the media and it's let's say tendency to spin stories out of nothing, like She-Hulk and Abomination Having a baby... why? Why do you put that in my head media, I hate you.

Oh also there was a scene where they just straight up put the she hulk haters comments in the show, but it was funny, so it's a positive, you know the thing about putting real world stuff into shows is simple, if it makes positive feelings its generally nice, if it gives negative feelings, it needs to justify itself to be nice.

Also, Can I just say I love the new Abomination, the juxtaposition obviously is amazing and the fact that he is as in control as he is, just makes it so that the hulk is the exception not she hulk, and that is good for two reasons, firstly introducing a new character and making them an exception because plot, is great if you want people to hate the character, and secondly making an already existing character an exception, at least in the way that hulk has been, adds to the mystery, so win win.

And that obviously not the only reason I love him, like who doesn't love a great redemption story, and in his case, not only is this a redemption story, of coming from rampaging monster to Zen meditation teacher who reformed the prison he is in, he is also, as I stated in the last review, a commentary on how war veterans are treated.

But that's okay, let's talk about the B story, cause I personally found that one much funnier.

Although I can see why some might not like the fact that it exists, because it involves Dennis Buckowski the lawyer that refers to hot girls as it, get's more screen time, so if someone doesn't find this section funny, there is a strong chance they might want to run their head through a wall, but I loved it so.

Imagine this scenario, you are in a tough spot, you got scammed for a large amount of money, and now the only way for you to win the case is to have the person you hate the most to badmouth you under oath, and tell the Jury that you are chauvinistic and indeed delusional enough to believe you are dating the real Megan Thee Stallion.

Well that is the B sub Plot... well that and its basically the teams old piece of shit member, vs the newer much more ideal member, but yeah, it's funny, the Elf impersonates the judge.

So yes, there isn't much of substance in this sub plot. and in much of the episode, but that is all right, for me, because it makes me laugh, and its like the third episode in a nine episode series, and the first two episodes did a lot of set up, HEAR THAT MARVEL! LONGER SERIES MEANS WE CAN BE MORE FORGIVING! please let daredevil born again be 18 one hour long episodes.

Also, this image just sums this whole sub plot perfectly, Buckowski smiling like he is the best, and Pugliowski trying to refrain from punching him.

Right I say not much happens but there is the scene at the end where three random people (who appear to be the wrecking crew) attack She Hulk, in what looks like a mugging attempt but turns out was an attempt to get her blood.

Now, who are the wrecking crew? Well they are a team of supervillains whose powers are centered around construction workers, consisting of wrecker, piledriver, thunderbolt and bulldozer, their powers are mystical in origin(in the comics), seemingly Asgardian, which is hinted at when Jennifer asks them if they robbed an Asgardian construction site, and they are common foes faced by Thor(in the comics), here they seem to be reduced to jokes, or they don't have their full powers yet... who knows.

So, one plotline(Emil Blonski's parole) is finished and the next starts, I presume the wrecking crew was hired by Titania to get She-Hulk's blood, so she could power herself up, and win in a match against her, but we shall see. But I must say, She-Hulk feels the most like a show at least so far, and to me that makes sense, because, Ms.Marvel was filmed during the time Wanda-Vision was coming out, so all shows till now, were actually far away from the point of being able to hear our criticism and change themselves in a way that all of the earlier criticisms are answered, but... She-Hulk, had it's time... so here we are.

Also She-Hulk Twerked with Meghan Thee Stallion, who is apparently her regular client? Maybe this Megan Thee Stallion has powers who knows. And now the internet is in a frenzy over it, The She- Hulk Twerking, What, did you think it would be Megan Thee Stallion having powers? What a sensible and logical thing to think, so obviously the internet is doing the polar opposite, Yeah mate you know She-Hulk twerked mate, the MCU is dead mate...


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