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When Trauma comes full circle, Invincible Season 2 Episode 8(Season Finale.)

Omni man misses his wife.

This entire season of Invincible from the start itself has had an over arching theme of trauma, post traumatic recovery and recurring traumatic events.

To recap:

Episode 1 is literally the direct aftermath of the traumatic events at the end of season 1 where mark is beaten to a near death state by his father, right after he destroys an entire small country's worth of lives. Mark, his mother and his father all struggle to overcome this, mark pushes himself to his utter limits and then some in order to prove to himself that he is not his father.

Invincible looking over the place where he got beaten to near death

Episode 2 is Mark being accepted by Cecil and getting a college acceptance letter, things are still rocky but life seems to return to some semblance of normal, also mark meets Dark Wing's protegee who is now the new Dark Wing after Omni man murdered the first one, Mark is forced to confront his fathers sins in more ways because he killed the ruler of Atlantis. Eve tries to fix things but ends up agreeing with her parents when she messes up.

Mark fights the Atlantis monster to pay for his father's sins

Episode three mark gets into college and we visit Allan the Alien as he reports on the two new Viltrumite defector's namely Mark and Nolan Greyson and he is made privy to a mole within the coalition of planets Mark's normal life is thrown to shit as he is forced to go off planet to meet who else, his very source of trauma, his father, and Allen is beaten to a near death state by viltrumites. Debbie gets rejected by a support group for being found out as omni man's wife.

Viltrumites almost kill Allen the Alien

Episode four begins with a scene explaining what followed immediately after the brutal beat up of mark by Omni man, and what followed was omni man trying to kill himself, and his mother trying to kill herself but being saved at the last second. Mark visits Thraxxa and meets his half brother and is forced to confront his father and his trauma and then forced to fight as a true Viltrumite for the first time revealing just how much he's holding back.

Omni Man tries to kill himself by going into a blackhole

Episode five: while Mark was off dealing with his own problems life kept going and shit got complicated also he has a brother to take care of now also the sequids attack and the lizard league nearly halves the guardians.

Sequids take over a human host

Episode six: with new trauma on the block everyone struggles to deal with it mark's mom looks for a nanny but Cecil keeps sending his spies and Mark and Amber's relationship struggles.

Rex on the hospital bed.

Episode seven: Viltrumites directly come to threaten mark into submission to their rule and Mark shows us exactly how invincible his will is.

Anissa tried to convince Mark to come over to her side.

Episode eight: a villain that mark inadvertently created in the first episode by not understanding the situation and giving in to his trauma comes to haunt him and mark kills for the first time, stranding him and finally forcing him to make a choice as to who he wants to be, forcing him to evolve. While Nolan on thr other side also finally realises who he truly is as Allen comes to save him.

Mark lets loose on Angstrom Levy.

So what was the point of all this, first two episodes are the direct aftermath of trauma and the struggle to return to some semblance of normal, episode three is showing that the world doesn't stop for you and episode four is being forced to confront your trauma while also realising that things probs ly were a lot more complicated than you first thought.

Five onwards everything that the characters ignored to deal with their trauma comes right back to bite them in the ass and they struggle stumble and fall and somehow make their way to the finish line but they cross their breaking points, forcing them to make a choice to move forwards or wallow in their shame.

This entire season is a straight and succinct representation of the saying, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, with the obvious allegory of Allen's recovery smack in the middle of it all.

But the characters aren't done growing, Mark and Amber have broken up and Mark knows eve's true feelings and still he struggles to take the first step, Nolan has reformed but he still needs to come out of his viltrumite mindset which makes him see himself as deserving of death, and the guardians need to learn to work better together as a team.

Eve almost gets a confession from Mark

This season is filled with top to bottom amazing moments proving once again why shows like invincible are a breath of fresh air and will keep the superhero genre afloat.

Now that we are done with all that, let's talk about what we all really want to know, did Spider-Man show up in invincible, is Spider Man the first superhero to be on Netflix Disney plus and Prime, well, yes and no.

Get a wall crawler and he's fighting Prof Ock...

Agent Spider and Invincible talk about Prof Ock.




I love this.

So now you see in a world controlled by the devilish copyright system, well actually the system is fine the companies that abuse it are not, and therefore getting actual spiderman is going to be a little bit of a hassle...(no actually a lot of a bit of hassle.) So obviously, they found a loophole, haha, prof ock.(I'll never get over that one.)

Oh and obviously invincible doesn't loose his savagery through out it all as he calls Batman lazy about his name choices.

Now the comic had more of Spiderman and invincible but I guess the episode was already getting too long...

We got a lot on the multiverse side, including zombies, course there are Zombies...

Mark is surrounded by zombies.

A lot is set up in this season that I want to talk about but wont for fear of spoilers, but Angstrom Levy, is not dead, I mean obviously he isn't, he's like the Myxzptlk to invincible's Super-boy.

He really is so stuck up on his collective generational trauma that my man just keeps coming back for more bullshit ways to kill invincible.

And Angstrom is going to lead to one of the greatest arcs of the comics, Mark vs conquest.

Mark vs Conquest, the most Brutal battle ever!!!.

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