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Star Wars: The Bad Batch season 3 episode 13 | I am so sorry...

Hunter reminds admiral rampart when he will get his freedom as per their deal.

So now... I thought that this season will have thirteen episodes... which would mean that this episode would be the finale of this season... but it is not... because the number of episodes is sixteen.... I... have no clue why I thought ah yes thirteen.

Because now, with that information, the last episode is great actually, it was the perfect... okay not perfect, but it definitely ain't the filler trash I made it out to be in my previous article.

the build up to the finale is still going on.

"Is there a problem Dr. Karr?" asks Dr. Hemlock to Dr. Karr, in front of Omega

And what is going on this time around?

Well in this episode it's two things establishing that omega isn't going to sit around and wait to be experimented on and is one hundred percent definitely going to try her best to escape.

And the bad batch is sneaking onto an imperial base to get a way to get to Tantiss, and this part actually makes sense as to why no one knows the coordinates to Tantiss basically it's the same system as used in demon slayer to hide the swordsmith village and the Ubuyashiki mansion.

Tanjiro explains how the swordsmith village is hidden.

There are multiple stages in getting to Tantiss and people at each stage only know how to get to the next stage and have no information about the proceeding stages and so in order to get onto the path the only way to do it is to hitch a ride on a ship already headed there without them being any wiser.

Now that I am here and I have said what the main plot of this episode is I have a dilemma that I must confess to you the reader, I agree that my anger in the previous article was somewhat unjustified, and I'm not going to go back and edit it like some sly dog, but instead I ask a simple question, why was I angry?

Well the answer is simple cause I saw the episode as a waste of time or an unnecessary detour right before what was supposedly the finale, I stand corrected as to that not being the case, but even still, that only reduces the anger, I still don't have much to say about that episode.

Admiral Rampart asks Hunter why he is being kept there

It not being the pre finale just brings it from negative to neutral, and then let me ask you this? Are these two episodes necessary? Like okay they do things that are necessary but can those things be wrapped up quickly? Or quicker than they are here? The answer is yes.

You know seeing where star wars is right now and how layered the earlier episodes of this season were and how impactful clone wars was, these episodes so seem a little... Lack luster? And that is not even considering the fact that the reason for these episodes existing is contrived at best, seeing that the simple solution would have been... Put a tracking device on omega, that works.

But simultaneously they aren't so terrible that I should get as angry as I was in the previous article, and simultaneously the total number of episodes is 16 so to fill that season length they are as good an excuse as any, I'm not saying they are filler, they do contribute to the larger narrative. They just seem like... Deviations abd much slower paced than they should be otherwise.

After omega being captured it should have been action action action, and while these episodes do have their highs in terms of action, specifically the prison transport battle in episode 12 and there are certain interesting things to learn about the inner dynamics of the empire... But not anything much we don't know already... And the highs of action are sparse and spread out.

The pace has unnecessarily slowed in between the capture episode and the finale, the only reason these episodes aren't filler are on a flimsy and contrived foundation whereas you see similar position in the previous seasons and shows such as the clone wars and Rebels, this is just embarassing.

Kanan Jarrus sacrifices himself to save Hera and Ezra from the explosion caused by the fuel tank being hit.

And given where star wars is right now, this is not really what it should be doing.

Marvel, on the other side of Disney is picking up pace to a meteoric degree with X-Men'97 and Marvel was no where near as in the dumps as Star Wars was, and yet... The show of star wars that directly competing with X-Men'97 for viewership is... Serviceable right before the finale, when the previous seasons were much better and this season had a strong beginning and a strong foundation(Crosshair and the batch coming back together finally for a big final battle.)

Wrecker hugging Wrecker and Crosshair after the two have made up, in episode 5 of this season of the Bad Batch
Yeah they do, but then the episode quality suddenly fell instead of rising as it should have

And while we are on this line of thought, this is the FINAL SEASON!!! Why are they doing this again? It makes no sense.

And also what is to be done with the bad batch? Like they are way too strong a force to just leave lying around and not have any impact on the original trilogy and well...

Given that they have already fucked with the original's finale, they better not fuck with the beginning, cause if they do that... God help their soul.

Palpatine faces Kylo Ren's lightsaber and reminds the audience that Disney brought him back in a cheap attempt to save their dying Sequel Trilogy.
Oh really? I had no Idea.

And also...

the posters for bad batch season three are so much more epic,

and this is...


a Bad Batch season 3 poster, showing hunter, Omega, Wrecker, Palpatine, Echo, Crosshair, Hemlock, Nala Se, Dr. Karr, an unknown clone commander and millions and millions of Storm Troopers in the background along with two Star Destroyers, the Bad Batch Ship. another shuttle, and two combat ships all laid over the backdrop of Tantiss
Seems like Palpatine will play a much bigger role doesn't it?

But it is however(to be fair) possible that suddenly the last two episodes the season picks up and it makes it all worth it, but its a huge onus, and the bigger the onus the bigger are the chances of fucking up royally or not sticking the landing.

So many shows on Disney plus have ruined themselves because they tried to do too much in the finale and fumbled, giving a feeling of being rushed, being formulaic, and just leaving an overall sour aftertaste...

And while, yes, it does seem that a large part of the earlier failures were due to Bob Chapek(at least it seems like it.), one would assume that Bob Iger coming back would fix some of that, and it did... For Marvel... One forgets that Star Wars has the bigger problem of Kathleen Kennedy to deal with... That thing was already headed for the pits wasn't it.

But like in one of the articles I wrote before, the Bad Batch always seemed to be one of the standouts to the rest of the downwards spiral of Star Wars and was actually providing good content, and now, that is mid, unless what I fear is true and they are planning something huge for the last two episodes and they fuck it up big time...

But then again, that's premature, if they do plan something big for the last two episodes, there is a chance that they succeed. And if that happens this will truly be epic and it will all be worth it. It's high risk high reward is what I'm saying.

And I do, I truly do wish that it is high reward, because the Bad Batch is one of the better shows and this season is covering the biggest thing in the sequel trilogy, the palpatine clones. You know what Disney does to things that they fumbled on? They make them cooler to revisit, by relating it to something awesome.

That's what they did with Thor the Dark World using the Endgame time heist and Thor going back in time to visit his mother, no that that scene is added in people will want to revisit Dark World as it is a part of something much sweeter and hence remember it more fondly.

If Star Wars pulls this season off and it is epic af, people will remember the Sequel Trilogy more fondly because it will now be a part of something sweeter, but if they fumble or mess it up, it's just another Disney Plus show that fell to the same pitfalls as it's predecessors, and Star Wars remains the same.

And as much as I hate it, it seems the latter is more likely, or that they do something that is better than its projecting right now but not really as epic and nothing much changes.

Prove me wrong Bad Batch, you got the chance to be so much more amazing than anything else rn, but you gotta do it right... You could be the X-Men'97 for Star Wars, or you could be just another Disney Plus animated show or you could be trash (although I think this last part is highly unlikely, but we will see.) the choice is yours.

Hunter says that Echo will hack the ships proximity sensors allowing given more time, which they don't really have.

And I know some smart ass is going to say that oh they are spending time on developing the characters from the creepy experiment compound and setting and hence makin us hate the empire that much more.

Well, to them I say, this ain't Andor, and this isn't something new, and it it's not even done that well, and it could have been done earlier and in place of some of the other stuff this show tried doing.

And while yes, the pieces of the episode on Tantiss are important, they are not the majority of the Episode, that's majorly the Bad Batch trying to get to Tantiss and what not, and yes, while those sequences are interesting on their own right, they aren't anywhere near as interesting as this being the FINAL SEASON implies, this kind of episode is fine in the middle of a Season arc that is not the FINAL SEASON and therefore not the FINAL ARC.

If the above was this important, what they could have done was have a single episode dedicated to it and just be like, yeah the batch came via the tracker, and that would make perfect sense.

But then I guess one wouldn't have Admiral Rampart and they must have really wanted him for the Finale given just how important he i... wait actually no, he can be picked up along the way.

That and the sixteen(actually its fifteen this time I guess, Idk.) episode quota won't be finished.

You see the lengths I have to go to in order to Justify this? You see how this feels?

And yes as a closing statement, I will acknowledge that this isn't the end of the day if this doesn't land.

But Star Wars is in that place where it really needs that awesome amazing thing that boosts it back into Glory just like X-Men'97 is doing for Marvel, and each mid or bad entry makes the battle that much harder, until... It's impossible...

Although yes, given Hollywood's recent attitude with billion dollar franchises, it seems highly unlikely that Star Wars is ever abandoned completely, so I guess there will always be...

the next time...


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