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Star Wars The Acolyte Season 1 Episode 7, Really? This was the huge reveal?(Spoilers!)

Torbin says this is our ticket home.

My guy poisoned himself cause he wanted a Ticket home, Okay...

Like what was the Terrible thing again?

Okay so Sol Stabbed Aniseya because she turned into smoke randomly, Okay...

Kelnaca got possesed, and the Twins were created by a Vergence.... Cool.

And the Jedi acted like the Jedi and Acted like they should, and the fire spread cause wires....

The witches died cause Indara cut them off from Kelnaca shut up.

I mean all of the answers were like, I guess that could happen... but none of it was like... Oh yeah, terrible.

And Therefor Mae became Qimirs Acolyte.

And we have one episode left and they have to explain where Qimir came from... Cool man, cool.

It was a misunderstanding bro.


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