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Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 3 episode 14 Everything's coming to a head(finally.)

A zillo beast that is kept near Omega and the other force sensitive children's containment facility.

So now, finally, after a long time and an unnecessarily large ammount of typical nerdy rants from me, we finally arrived at the point where every single thing that has been set up in all the episodes of this season, finally come to their conclusions.

Episode 4 set up that Omega is good with espionage and can take care of herself?

Well here she is, scouting ahead and learning what the Empire is doing around her containment cell, like the Zillo beast near her cell.

Episode eight showed Omega learning to communicate with beasts using the force? Well, she will probably do that to the Zillo beast.

Finally, the bad batch made it all the way to Tantiss, and admiral Rampart... is just a coward... but he get's captured, after they run away from another beast, who seems to be blind?

A (possibly blind?) beast that attacked the Bad Batch because Rampart was being an idiot and leaned on it.

And it seems, that it is blind? Cause it does have it's eyes closed for the most of the encounter.

Omega and Emerrie met earlier, learning that Emerrie is a clone? Here she acts sympathetically to Echo, who is also a clone(obviously.) and that has been there from the start, as she is pretty much the only doctor that showed any sympathy to Crosshair and to the childre... sorry the "specimens".

And it was heavily implied that she will betray Hemlock and try to free the children, and that she does, even though her concern for the specimens...

Another Doctor tells Dr. Karr that her concern for the childre... sorry the "specimens"  is unwarranted.

Omega did not abandon crosshair in his time of need even though she could have?

Well that's why Crosshair is here idiot.

Mostly the episode is focused on two things, how do the Bad batch go through the forestr after being forced to crash land because Hemlock was expecting them, as the shutle theft and their infiltration of the previous station was reported and the news reached him.

And on Echo, trying to get out of the main science vessel mainly using the uniform of the Trooper he knocked out the previous episode as a disguise, and which, can I just say, my man spent this whole time just dragging the knocked out trooper to a place where he cannot be seen?

Like in this time the entire journey got over, like goddamn, I know its hyperspace travel and could be a very short trip, but seriously?


He uses this disguise and his droid hand, disguised using another droid hand to hack into the ships consoles and get around, and that hand is how Emerrie recognized him.

And you know, I will just say, if the entire Batch had just sneaked on to the vessel rather than stealing another vessel, this whole thing could have been avoided, they could have just sneaked onto the base... I am being very ignorant aren't I? there's a very good reason they didn't do this right? And I am just unaware... yeah I do seem to be having a recurring skill issue.


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