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X Men'97 episode 5, Remember it marvel, I shall send my mental health bill to you for sure...

Updated: Apr 14

The MAster Mold Sentinel attacks and says "Terminate Mutant."

I am not okay....

What did you just do Marvel... What did you just do... Frickin Magento is dead, Gambit is dead, Rogue has gone all Wanda... Because she can't feel him... Wtf Marvel why so much trauma? Who hurt you?

On a serious note though, I am happy that my prediction for the Master Mold not being destroyed in the first episode itself was true. Because here it is... Mastering and molding....

My man really killed magneto and Gambit, and the moment I saw Gambit stabbed by that robot, I immediately remembered: oh shit... I know what he's going to do... Cause you see, Gambit's powers are like that of Rex Splode from image line comics, and what does Rex do when he was faced with this situation.

That's right he ignited his skeleton.

Gambit's death Paralleling Rexsplode's Death in Invincible

But we are getting ahead of ourselves, let's back up a bit.

This episode began with an interview of the X men to show to the world that mutants are humans too, and this happens as the mutant nation Genoshia gets ready to join the U.N. and as that is going on some mutants like wolverine and Jean grey (Marvel girl? Why is she Marvel Girl?) go off into the lake to avoid the interviews

Jean semi-cheats on scott, I say semi-cheats cause it was just one kiss, like yes it was still a big deal, but I say semi cheat because cyclops went way overboard with his cheating, he's just doing the same thing he did with Jean, but with her clone, gee thanks scott.

Both Scott and Jean Grey cheat on each other

It really looked like this was going to be a normal happy episode of X men'97 except of course rogue leaving Gambit for Magneto to rule Genoshia beside him, she does realise her error but a little too late.

Cable is back after being a baby two episodes ago(that's a weird sentence.) And psychically talking to his mothers(i guess technically it's only Madeline but he shares both their genes and they both have the memories of having him.)

Now, it seems(based on his words) that cable has tried this quite a few times, and this was his final straw(maybe not but we will get back to that.) And then we have a very Wanda vision moment as the party is interrupted by a missile(sorry master mold Sentinel).

Madeline just dies it seems and so does Magneto along with the child mutant who went to him for protection.

Cable tries and fails to Warn Madylene Pryor

Why am I speaking of this so casually that shit was traumatic, maybe cause I'm still in denial, yeah people just die in this, tell me how animation is for kids again? And the Wanda vision parallels come back as now Rogue can't feel Gambit right after he ignited his skeleton...

So now what? Well my theory is possibly Nate will try to fix things again as it is just time travel, although I don't know the rules here it maybe somewhat like Ben 10 where you can't have many time travellers in one place and time at the same time or the time stream just breaks or well... They could just retcon this, I don't think they will though, that will just undermine the whole climax.

And... I guess storm will come back after she properly faces the adversary... I am still not okay Marvel... I'll be sending you my therapy bill soon.

And is this the first time we have seen proper blood in a Marvel movie? Well I mean there is werewolf by night, but that was black and white, oh okay there was also the in color version, but I guess I am kind of desensitized to it given how much I watch invincible(goddamn that final scene of episode 1...) but yeah, this episode doesn't shy away, Gambit just properly bleeds from his wound...

And on that note, can I just say, this being animation, elevates it so much to another level, like the color contrast, the effects, the ambiance, it just cannot be replicated in live action without copious amounts of CGI(which may be poorly made given Marvel's recent track record.)

But goddamn, look at this.

Some amazing examples of X-men'97 animation


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